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The nose knows

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Feb. 7th, 2013 | 09:18 pm
location: Philippines, Manila
mood: working
music: Hurting by Friendly Fires

The time that I start writing again and I speak of the olfactory sense. Well, spare this girl some happiness and carry on.

The nose knows. And it damn well remembers

I don't have the best of eyes nor the best set of ears. I have high-grade glasses, and if I don't wave back at you when I'm not wearing them, I ask for forgiveness

But if there's one sense that's more acute than anything else, it's my perpetually allergic nose. When it's not being bothered by any allergen, I found it proves to be very sensitive.

Aside from sniffing out pleasant smells from the kitchen, this nose of mine can easily pick out and remember one's perfume or scent
I memorize scents. I can tell the identity of a person blindfolded provided I know his/her perfume. So if you're planning to sneak behind me and cover my eyes, make sure you're not wearing any cologne I know of

In the morning, my nose wrinkles involuntarily at the mix of scents coming from my parents' room. My Mom uses a sesame-based oil concoction while my Dad loves a fresh-smelling cologne from Bench. I also know when it's Sunday morning and it's time to go to Church when I get a whiff of my Lola's perfume which seems to never run out.

My best friend likes a musky scent, while another close friend prefers a mild lotion. A former professor seems to douse everything, including our class papers, with cologne. Not that we're complaining, but it's hard to comprehend how someone smelling so good could give such low marks

Just to name a few.

Thing is, there are certain people who wear certain scents that are particularly hard to forget. Not to mention that they carry certain shall we say, memories

Case # 1: A former boss wears a particular musky yet clean-smelling body spray. He comes to work in the morning smelling like he just got out of the shower (probably did) when Manila traffic is enough to make your hair turn white whether you're commuting or not. One of life's wonders.

Said boss has become a mentor to me and cutting to the chase, I found it hard to resign because of him

Anyway, after a few months, he gave me his work phone. Said he got a new one and that's the one he'll use. I told him to return the phone to the office, since there are other managers who can use it instead of me. He refused, saying he wanted me to use it

All right, fine. After a while, me being olfactory me, I caught a whiff of his perfume on the phone. Call me stalker and creepy, but I know you'll know what I mean when you're in my place

Somehow, it's more than just me inheriting his phone. His scent on the phone reminded me that there were expectations of me - that we kinda had a good working partnership. He trusted me enough to manage projects. In his words, "it's rare I take someone under my wing."

I returned his phone when I resigned, and by that time, his scent on it was gone. But what hurt the most was the knowledge that I did betray him somewhat. He's a mentor - an older brother who is mean when he's in a naughty mood but genuinely caring underneath

Took me 3 months for the guilt to go away. I miss him, but in this world, there is really no time for regrets

Case # 2: So there's this new guy. Aha, giveaway right there. Real, genuinely nice guy. Smart, easy to get along with. Athletic - I mean, really, nothing to complain about

Right off the bat, I caught that nice, clean, and neat smell of him. It's so him, I would've laughed at how plain it was. Not that it's laughable, it's just... there

What gets me in a bind right now is that friends and teammates are hell-bound on teasing us to death. Plus a schedule that makes us meet for just about 10 minutes everyday. Insert sigh and a shrug of shoulders here.

One day, I took his place at our station. I like lounging on the not-so-lounge chair during not-so-slow news days. When I sat up, I found his scent on my jacket and my hair. By virtue of the chair. By virtue of the chair. I know that look

It was both comforting and disturbing at the same time. It was nice because it smelled good and disturbing because there were so many thoughts and feelings spent on working things out in my head

Here's to staying away from his seat. Or not.

Case # 3: No one can wear that cologne other than him. I mean, NO ONE
When one of my former officemates came in wearing the same cologne, I almost throttled him and demand that he change it. Too many thoughts, too many feelings.

The "he" in question is my notion of a perfect guy. Physically and in terms of personality. He's that. There.

As my friend described it, "he smells like a baby" - yes, powder-fresh. Matches his all-white shirt phase

Oh, but he's far from innocent. Oblivious to the simplest and corniest jokes, smiles at the "doubtful" jabs. So hopeless, it's funny

If you would have seen me when he told me he'll miss me, you'd slap and shake me so hard for losing my OrCom tongue. Was there something there? Something about us? Something between us anyway (song lyrics yes)

I was young and stupid and in college. He's working

Won't stop me from wanting to strangle any other guy wearing the same cologne. It's bad enough I miss him, since he's abroad. I don't need to remember things. And I don't need to miss him any more than I do.

Wonder if he still wears the same cologne. I guess I have a chance to find out on the 12th. Early Valentine's? No? Hell, I'm taking it


Creepy? Too many feels? I guess, I just find that there are just some things, some memories that are not easily let go. Whether they hurt or not, these are some that I like to keep, smile at, and tableflip over. Maybe laugh at during my wedding

In situations where photos and videos aren't of much use, could you blame me if I hold on to these by way of smells and scents?

And really, could you blame me if I'm born with such a troublesome olfactory sense

Thought not.


"I can feel in my body
Free from all the things you wear
I can feel in my body.
Shows me the way.
Shows me the way.
I hear you say,
I can't let you leave my life like this.
I hear you say,
Don't leave,
Don't leave,
Don't leave."
- Hurting, Friendly Fires

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