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Aug. 15th, 2011 | 03:40 pm
location: at the office
mood: blahblah
music: Champagne Life by NeYo

Kay. One problem with not posting is that a lot is happening in your life that you want to blog about. Then when you finally get down to posting something, you kinda struggle telling the story, since you need a lot of background first.

Such is the case today. But I'm more interested in getting this out so to hell with the background details.

I have this co-worker at my first job who's the classic loud-mouthed conyo kolehiyala. I'm supposed to have this allergy to conyo people, but I made an exception for her. She's friendly, a lot of fun, and incredibly smart. She grew on me real fast and we've become friends in just a really short span of time.

And then boom, she's out of the office. Yeah, she was fired. Because of a lot of reasons.

At this point, I don't know whether to be angry at her or just really sad and disappointed. It really feels bad when someone whom you thought you can be friends with and whom you thought you can trust suddenly does something really terrible. And it feels even worse when you find that you don't know anything about it. Something worse-r than worse is that you don't know if you could or should defend her, because you know that what she did was true.

It's just all sad really. This doesn't mean that we couldn't be friends. It just means that maybe it would be better to be a bit more cautious in trusting people. I trust people a little bit too much I guess.

Well, it's just something that I'd have to put behind me... us. A lot more people will come and go, and it's going to be a learning experience every time. 
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