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Because being a bum intern gives me time to post

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Apr. 14th, 2010 | 02:06 am
location: at the office
mood: mean
music: the sound of the aircon

And because I stupidly left my USB at home which contains another post. Damn that.

And so. I'm really getting bored out of my wits here. Since my boss and teammate are at a meeting and the other one is abroad, I have lots of time to post. I suppose I should go and talk to the other two interns, but I'm too lazy. And I don't really feel like talking to them. SO. Yes, Nadz, you're such a mean girl.

Instead, I decided to post.

So yeah, I'm an intern now at a media buying company. I admit that I've been doing mainly clerical work (which is not good because Sir Villar said so), but I guess, it's still quite a learning experience to see how ad placements work. And interesting to see how rich Nokia is. Ooops, brand drop.

I still like the company though. If I could really get into this kind of job in the future, I'd certainly accept it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying unlimited fast internet all day. Well, at least until my teammate tells me to prepare another placement order. Or at least until my other teammate arrives from wherever he went off. I think he'll be dropping lots of research work on me when he gets back.

Then again, it's still quite frustrating to know that some people who definitely doesn't have talent, intelligence, and creativity get into Ogilvy. Okay, company name drop. Nadz, you have to stop dropping names!

I swear to God, the guy doesn't have any creative and artistic drop in his blood. And he has poor people skills! What's up with that?! And you're into OrCom?! Such a disgrace! (Yes, yes, I admit, I have my fail moments as a person, student, and as an intern. Ugh! What's up with my brain these days?!)  But at least I have the necessary person skills to back me up.

I used to like him. Yes yes yes, I did. Blech. But after what he did to my friends?! I mean, he was such a jerk to them!

Look, he's an okay guy, but there really is something wrong with him. Hell, there are a lot of things wrong with him! Damn, if I were in his Technical Writing class (ooops, course title drop), I really might literally kick his arrogant ass.

And yes, the articles. AND THE LAYOUT. God, now if that was just a joke, then it's a hell of a hoot! But it's a project. With grades on the line. And he with his arrogant bastard self, started spouting off about how good his layout is. WELL, REALLY. YOU CALL THAT A LAYOUT?! To quote Eric (NAME DROP -LE GASP-), "hindi naman sa nilalait ko yung mag niyo, pero yung layout pwedeng pang-newsletter." And to quote Dion (ANOTHER NAME DROP -DIES-). "hahahahahahahahahaha!" And the two of them were being nice.

AND THE ARTICLES. I SWEAR TO GOD, THOSE ARE THE MOST HORRIBLE PIECES OF WRITING (if you could call them that) THAT I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO PROOFREAD. Okay, so I should've saved myself the trouble of leaving them alone, but they're so damn funny! I mean, they're so bad, you would have fun murdering them. And that's just what we did. To quote Ate - okay, not gonna mention her name. Let's stop the name dropping- , "this is as exciting as a pile of dirt. You should just write about thumbtacks. That way, if you write the article poorly, you could blame the topic."

C'mon, standing in front of one of the country's institutions (WILL STOP MYSELF FROM NAME DROPPING) for several minutes? It's a wonder why people didn't kick you out of the way, or why the guards didn't throw you to jail because you seemed like someone who would bomb the place, or why your camera wasn't stolen from you! He would have looked like a stupid little lost boy. And charging your camera?! You do not charge your camera. It will be destroyed. You charge the batteries, idiot boy.

And oh oh oh! The fail video! Yes. Arrogant little SOB bragged about being the faster one to understand how Adobe Premiere works (I should get paid for brand dropping). But, ho ho ho, the guy does not have any sense of color and balance. And so the girl (a friend of mine who shall not be named because I refuse to do so) who supposedly was the slower one to get how the program works worked on their video and created a presentation that would surely earn her a spot on one of the country's biggest (and richest) ad agencies. Such a shame that BBDO (now, I'll get sued) did not recognize her talent.

And what's more? Arrogant little jerk offered to revise the vid (since our prof wanted us to tweak the videos before the competition). What happened was a disaster. I cannot describe it any more than that. DISASTER, I TELL YOU, DISASTER.

Hmmm, so much more to tell about little arrogant bastard, but I guess the post is getting too long.

And there's DAF! Oh my. So much to tell!

I can be pretty vindictive, yes?

Oh, and I just realized that JERK is so near his name. Just insert a few letters here and there, and voila! You have his name! Yes yes?

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(no subject)

from: aschenhimmel
date: Apr. 14th, 2010 01:16 pm (UTC)

Oh Nadz, you are SO PRICELESS. You must be sued for this XDDDD

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(no subject)

from: nadzingers
date: Apr. 15th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)

I think Eric just did. DX

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